Job Seeker Consultation

Making sure your CV is up to scratch is only the starting point of effective job applications. It doesn't help if nobody actually looks at your CV!  

Stop making the typical application mistakes, which are costing you interviews. Our service is designed to give you clarity, context and insights into the NZ job market. This includes a demonstration of the recruiter view of your more applications. 

Context is king in the application process and we'll help you understand the best practice for applying for roles within your chosen industry. 

Prior to your consultation, we prepare specific information that will help YOU. For example, we answer questions like:

  • Which businesses are similar to your current employer?
  • Who are the key decision makers within your industry in New Zealand?
  • How should your approach differ between recruitment agencies and employers direct?
  • What are some of the tactics which can be used to better your chances of securing interviews?
  • How can you build my professional reputation?
  • What adjustments need to be made to your CV and Cover Letter to make them more relevant?

March/April Special +- 60 minute personalised virtual/online consultation - NZ$80.

Standard price NZ$200.

Unsure if this is what you need? Book a no obligation WhatsApp chat to discuss specific details. 

Email or WhatsApp +64225116967